Plalist Radio Show 2008/09/09 – Mad Mats Interview / Set

Tonight we got Mad Mats in the studio (the show was recorded Saturday before our party with him). He mixes and gets interviewed by Dieter. Expect some Hiphop, House and beyond. Some up and coming stuff on Raw Fusion. Like Bennson and Life Cycle. And more goodies. Enjoy.

Spec Boogie – Bed Stuy (Loosie)
Skillz feat Black Thought – Hold Thight (Koch)
Q-Tip – Gettin’ Up (Universal)
Quadron – Come You Can Go (White)
Sam Iri & Dorian Concept – Untitled One (White)
Bennson – Let The Love / Mark Rapson Remix (Raw Fusion)
Bennson – Let The Love / beats version (Raw Fusion)
Stacy Mullings – Dance 2 Dis (Copia)
Slum Village feat. Busta Rhymes – The Hustle (Barak)
James Brown – Sunny / FM Remix Neter “S” Edit (White)
Life Cycle – Wipe The Needle (Raw Fusion)
Sandy Rivera – Come Into My Room / Accapella (Feel The Rhythm)
Soulparlor – The Outer Rims (White)
Anita Baker – Rapture Caught Up / K2’s AfriKan Remix (White)
Gary’ s Gang – Do It Latin Whistle / Sweetie’s Reedit (White)
Grandtheft – Full Club (White)
Gangstarr – Full Clip (Virgin)
Jay Dee feat Frank-N-Dank – Pause (BBE)
Funkenteller & Deep Space 69 – Turn it up feat KayDee (Deep Space 69)
Sugar Billy Gardner – Super Duper Love, Are You Diggin’ On Me (Fast Track)
Erykah Badu – Real Thing / Mark Rapson Edit (White)