Playlist Radio Show 20/10/2009

This week’s show is without me. Spending most of my days in bed recovering from a flue which has knocked me out in a fashion I haven’t experienced in years (and I hope I’m good for another couple of ones after it). But Disco Dalglish doesn’t necessarily needs me to put together a mighty fine selection. That’s the handy part of being a duo.

No specials this week except a banging selection of fresh music. Ancient to future. And we keep playing unreleased Belgian productions, JtotheC and Panzer Kunst, of course. No reason not to do it if the quality is this good.

We close with a Fabrice Lig track to promote the gig we play with him at SPARK this Saturday. We take things over after he’s done. SPARK is at Cafe Capital, as you should know by now, and that’s in Antwerp (stadspark). Hope to see you there.

Listen live between 10 and 11pm CET on fm brussel (98.8fm) or through this link all week after it has been aired.

Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexperience ( Affine )
JToTheC – Nono ( CDR )
Panzer Kunst – No Clean Processing ( CDR )
Floating Points – For You / All Young Kings ( Eglo )
Magnum Force – A Touch Of Funk ( Chi Sound )
Joe Coleman – Get It Off The Ground ( Pana )
Linkwood & House Of Traps – Barely Eagle ( Firecracker )
Tim Toh – Seven ( Philpot )
Above Smoke – Burning ( Deep Explorer )
Culoe The Song – The Fallen Sirene ( Mule Musiq )
Delano Smith – Dees Gruv ( Third Ear )
Fabrice Lig – Innerblaster ( Union Match Music )