We know that the end of the year is something you better avoid when organising parties. Too many tourists in town, coppers checking if you’re drunk behind the wheel, weather not always motivating to leave the house, … . On top of that this weekend was a busy one in Brussels. Nicolas Jaar and Laurent Garnier both in town for a gig and our own radio station finding it necessary to do a party.

To be honest we didn’t give a shit about all of that. OUR PARTY is simply far more our thing (hence the name) and we needed a shot of it badly. So nice to see we weren’t the only ones. It might not have been a packed house but it was personally one of the best yet. Lovely atmosphere, lots of people dancing (everyone in the room actually) and lots of smiling faces. Heard great sets by Dieter and Nick, had fun behind the decks myself and our wine is far too good for my own sake. In short, this was vintage winter fun the way I like it. Big up to everyone on the dance floor (which was, again, everyone present) . Big up to all our friends helping behind the bar or at the entrance. And big up to the deejays.

Can’t wait for the next one. Which is on January the 15th at the same venue. No fancy guest DJ except our good friend Jonathan (the last thing you call him is fancy but he’s a top notch selector of fine tunes for sure).

Didn’t take many pictures myself because there was a party photographer (giving much more dimensions to that title than you can imagine) in the house. Will post them when I get them.