What’s Good According To Us.

Lately we’ve been struggling to get all the new music we like into our radio show. Not only because we like to play what we think are classics (but rather are forgotten gems) too but also because we like to invite people for a talk and/or live set. A 2h show would solve some of this but even then it would be hard to promote all the good music we like you to discover.

Recording (bi)weekly mixes would solve a lot but we’re busy people organising plenty of stuff, constantly embarking on new adventures. So that’s a no go until we can find a way to get paid enough to make a decent living out of it. This all has made me decide to brew old fashioned lists at regular times, depending on the amount of quality there is available. With added information such as links and some comments. It’s not perfect but it’ll have to do for now.

So here’s the first of the series.

Bullion – You Drive Me To Plastic – Young Turks
Samples galore, from the wildest sources around, as you have come to expect from the man. Sometimes going into a more Dance-oriented direction. Or as he calls it; Rivertrance.

Boohgaloo Zoo – I Got – Lovemonk
The album’s 2 stand out track with extra remixes by Mugwump and Aardvarck. You need this.

Mizz Beats – Are We Dictators? – Eglo
You might expect Dubstep of UK Funky here but this release has got more in store. Edgy beats in all tempos. Really refreshing.

The Dirtbombs – Bug In The Bassbin (Kyle Hall Remix) – Scion AV
I’ve been known as a big Kyle Hall sceptic but if he keeps making things like this I’ll switch sides with the hipsters. This is wild & raw. This one, the original and remixes by Ectomorph & Omar S are for grabs through the link.

Maddslinky – Further Away (FaltyDL Remix) – Tru Thoughts
This is a digital only release with the usual features of it. Plenty of remixes in the hope to appeal at least with one of them. The original is of course killer and so is the FaltyDL remake.

Amalia – Art Slave – Tokio Dawn
Emulating the 80s Soul sound has been big among producers for a while now. Only a few do something truly interesting with it. This reminds me not only of the best of aforementioned era but also got big hints to the best Funk the West-London scene produced 10 years ago. Big one.

Dimlite – My Human Wears Acedia Shreds – Now Again
More psyched out electronica from the man who produced our album of the year in 2010.

Illum Sphere – The Plan Is Dead – Fat City
Illum Sphere grows on us. With every release we get more convinced of his talents. Don’t know how to label this. It’s got some Dimlite, it’s got some Dubstep in it.

Title feat. Delvis – Sidechain Reaction – On Point
You should have this one by now. If not, what are you waiting for ?

Various – MCDE 1206-07 – MCDE
Any release of this label gets us excited. A bit of a turn away from the spontaneity of the Raw Cuts but killer nonetheless.

Jacques Greene – The Look – Lucky Me
Lunice – Hitmane’s Anthem – Lucky Me
Two killer tracks on 2 different EPs from this Scottish label. One a bit House / Broken, one instrumental Crunk or something like that.

OL – Kurilovo EP – Faces Records
Out there instrumental Hip Hop from the same label as the MCDE stuff. Just as lovely.

Chris & Cosey – Gardens Of The Pure – CTI
Essential re-issue. If you love leftfield 80s music that is. Still need to swap some records for the original that’s been lying near my decks for a while now.

RBSX 1 – For DJ Booking Call +47 48296349 – Running Back
Quality release from a quality label. Check all they do.  One of the freshest House music labels around.