What’s Good According To Us.

Time for another recap of records we like and which you can find in decent shops around the world.

Morgan Zarate – Hookid EP – Hyperdub
You should know this producer from when he was making music, that’s still sounding fresher than most current releases as part of Spacek, 10 years ago. ‘Curvatia’ and ‘Vintage Hi-Tech’ should be among the crown pieces of your collection if you like the off-centre beats that are so popular nowadays. If not, you’re lost. Anyway, after some blips on the radar that never really came out and only got played by a select bunch of radio hosts, he’s back with an EP on Hyperdub. Needless to say this is an essential purchase.

Freekwency – Don’t Tell Me – Voyeurhythm
80s sounding proto-House / Boogie but newly made. Not unlike what Future Times brings. Recommended and do check the other releases on this label.

Pangaea – Inna Daze / Won’t Hurt – Hessle Audio
This label’s a no brainer. This releases affirms this status even more.

Jerzzey Boy – Lost Cuts Part 1 – My Love Is Underground
If you’re a DJ and you love warm yet banging, raw House then this label is most likely one of your secret weapons. This release is extra nice for the fans of Movin’ records like myself as the man behind it is also known as Immaje and has a few killers in his discography already. 4 tracks from back in the day apparently. Definitely sounds like early 90s NYC House. Expect to hear this one a lot in our sets.

Tom Trago – Iris Album Sampler – Rush Hour
3 tracks from his upcoming album (which is very nice). Lovely deep House tracks, one with Tyree Cooper preaching. Always love that when it’s done right.

Various – Assorted Elements EP – NDATL muzik
New tracks from Kai Lace, Theo Parrish and Larry Heard on a EP. You should already have bought it if you’re a fan. Or even if you simply want it because it’s probably a limited affair like most releases on the label. Killer.

Oh, don’t spend all your money yet because there are some absolutely killer compilations coming out later this month. All BBE releases. More about them soon.