The Weekend Report.

Slowly getting reenergised after a busy but absolutely fantastic weekend. On Friday we did a little interview and mix for the Switch radio show on Studio Brussel. Which was fun. It’s nice to notice national radio knows what we’re doing and it softens the frustration of being ignored by some of the key players in the scene. It might not be much but it feels like a pat on the back and strengthens us in our belief we got to keep on doing our thing. Which is playing deep, soulful music virtually nobody knows about. Haha.

On Saturday it was OUR PARTY time again. Turnout was a bit slow but everyone present got into their groove and danced. To, like said before, music we’re sure they hadn’t heard before. Rarely had so much requests for track info as this time. The most common known track we played was a Morgan Geist one. That says it all. Not that we aim to go all snobby collector on everyone’s booty. Nope, our prime goal is to get everyone dancing – which we always do – but we don’t like to play what everyone’s playing when there’s so much absolutely killer music out there. We select our tunes out of 30 years of music. We put effort in unearthing tunes that are criminally overlooked but certified dance floor material. It’s far more difficult than downloading the hype new tracks and pumping those but it’s a sure-fire way to stand out as DJs. And – what’s most important to us – it’s far more fun to do.

Anyway, it feels good to see people digging this by shaking their ass to what we play. It is also nice to get as many compliments as we did last Saturday. Haha. Big up to everyone who enjoyed him or herself. It was nice meeting a lot of new enthusiast people. It was also nice to see some people doing some serious effort to come over after their Saturday night duties (the On Point crew after a gig, Sofie after her set, …). Also big up to everyone who helped out and to Nick and Dieter for the quality selections. Up to the next one with extra special guests Rainer Trüby (DJ-set) and Paul Randolph (live PA). June 18th that is.

On Sunday we dragged our very tired asses to Ghent for the Dance for Japan party. Some sushi, a Duvel and some superb Disco tunes later we had forgotten all about our weary selves. It was nice meeting the extended Back To The Roots family and seeing some familiar faces I hadn’t seen in a while. Heard nothing but great music. Big up to Joeri, David, Jensen, Jan, Bart, Nicolas, Jonathan, Rahaan, Tom and everyone involved. And nice to see Alex, Shaerin, Jazz and Ziggy again.

The track on top of this post is one of my weekend favourites. Played a deeper, dubbier version which to my surprise got a great response. Blaze productions never fail.

Up to next weekend when we’ll enjoy Bristol and Southport festival.