As we’re about to kick off the final 3 nights at our current venue we thought it would be better to go out with a bang. A thing we’ll do by inviting 3 guest DJs we think very highly of. 3 people we had very high on our wants list. 3 people who are next to great producers or label-bosses also fantastic DJs.

All the rest we keep the same. We’ll provide the same high end sound you’ll hear nowhere else in Brussels or Belgium, we’ll serve you the same fine choice of quality drinks at fair prices and we’ll keep asking only a 5€ fee at the door.

Venue is for these 3 nights still Belle-Vue.

Here’s a short introduction to the DJs we’ve invited:


17/09/2011 – Maurice Fulton

One of our absolute musical heroes. A phrase you’ve probably heard before from us but that’s one of our main motivations to book DJs. And it’s absolutely true. We’re big fans ever since we heard those odd but very interesting sounds on records by Ladyvipb or Eddie and The Eggs and discovered it was all Maurice Fulton’s work. While diving deeper into the man’s oeuvre we discovered he did production work on Basement Boys produced records we adore, got regularly amazed by his new work like his production work for Kathy Diamond, Nicole Willis, Mim Suleiman or got blown away by stellar remixes for Chateau Flight or Alice Smith.

But that doesn’t make him a good DJ. True but the many podcasts, live mixes and alike we’ve checked only made us like him even more. Sets with big chunks of great disco in them that make you dance behind your desk. So we’re more than a little proud we have him as a guest at our party.

Little bio we found on his Myspace:
Maurice Fulton was born under a crossfire hurricane. (Oh,no he wasn’t.) That was Mick Jagger wasn’t it?) Whatever. Anyway, Maurice Fulton was born somewhere, probably Baltimore, but we’d need to carbon-date him to be sure. Early in his life, Maurice realised he wanted to be a marine biologist. He had the snorkel. He had the flippers. He had some pictures of cute dolphins. (Aww, bless.) Then it all went wrong. He started buying records, thinking they were sub-aquatic aids and before he realised, he was DJing in nightclubs (he was looking for porpoises and took the wrong turning at the bathroom). Since becoming an internationally renowned DJ he has lived everywhere from New York to Australia, London to Sheffield. He presently lives in a croft on the Shetland Isles, where he weaves wool and communes with nature. We like his wool. But not as much as his disco.

RBMA Mixes


29/10/2011 – Alton Miller

A Detroit heavyweight we shouldn’t have to introduce. He was already part of House and Techno music before it was recognised under those names. A friend of Derrick May who got inspired by Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles to get involved. Together with George Baker and Chez Damier he started the Music Institute, a short-lived but legendary Detroit club that has since become near-mythical. Once the 90s kicked in (yep, all those things mentioned before happened the decade before) he started producing. First as Aphrodisiac on Transmat but soon under his own name on what reads as an essential guide to decent House labels (KMS, Distance, KDJ, Planet E, Track Mode, Moods & Grooves, Yore, Mahogani, …) . He even stayed a while in Belgium during his journey that’s still continuing. So we’re more than a little proud to have such a don as our guest.

A Mix


03/12/2011 – Underground Paris

And now someone not everybody will have heard of, not even those relatively deep into things. Underground Paris aka Jeremy is the man behind one of our favourite labels of late. My Love Is Underground is a Paris based record company bringing back that vintage early 90s New Jersey House sound. By releasing vintage tracks by Jerzzey Boy just as well as newly crafted tunes by Brawther and Kool Vibe. Right up our alley as we’re big aficionados of everything Zanzibar, Movin’ Records and alike ourselves.

While searching for more info about this label we found out Jeremy not only likes this kind of music but also digs for Rare Groove and is pretty much a Parisian version of ourselves. And that’s all we need to bring him over.

Soundcloud (MLIU tracks + Mixes)