A Lot Of Banging Belgian Beats.

First up Dynooo’s Vvideo Hair EP. Some certified bangers on that. More House-ish beats like we’ve became used to from the SurfKill camp. As you will have noticed if you were present at the last RELEASE x Nuit Blanche event we like these weirdly tuned beats a lot. Played nearly the entire Sewer Goo ep to a dancing crowd. This is more of this.

Frankly. We’ve been pushing this for months and if you’re still not convinced this is gold you probably are an idiot but the boys from On-Point have given us a reason to shove it down your throat one more time. Jazz Neversleeps’ Diepgank has got a video. As outlandish as the track itself.

We’ve been fans of Locked Groove (aka ½ of SubReachers of a more Techy vibe). Do check his Soundcloud for some banging sounds.

And do check our latest radio show for some more Belgian niceness. Tracks by Goldffinch and the mysterious Maseratay. Both Brussels based production outfits.