Big up to everyone who came down to our last party at Belle-Vue. We had a mighty good time and heard lots of fantastic music. Big up to Jeremy Underground Paris for the set / weekend, big up to the Paris and Amsterdam (again, sorry for the smashed window) crews, Henri Inner Sense, Bjorn, all our friends and regulars, all the new faces and everyone who helped out. Up to the next one.

And that will be at Bronks Theater. Closer to the city centre, shiny new building, lots of opportunities. Expect the same but better. First main guest will be Ashley Beedle, an electronic music don who paid his dues in production outfits like / as Ballistic Brothers, Los Jugaderos, Black Science Orchestra, X-Press 2, Darkstarr and, a personal favourite, Black Jazz Chronicles and is a more than fine DJ. January 28th is the date.