Kense Mix.

We hardly exaggerate when it comes to posting mixes online and certainly not when it are guest mixes for others sites. Not that we’re not asked. It just happens to take a while before we find the time to record one and are happy with the result. Last few weeks we outdid ourselves though. There’s the minimix for Worldwide Festival and now there’s this mix for Kense. The first request to do it came halfway March and now it’s finally here. Quick delivery as they say, hehe.

Both mixes are good examples of how we currently play. Last few years the eclecticism of our radio show, where we like to present all the music we like, whichever genre, tempo, age or mood it is, has seeped through to our DJ-sets. As did our ever growing fascination with digging deeper. Something we do in the traditional way by going through dusty piles of vinyl as well as exploring the more forward-thinking music currently made locally as well as internationally (see our 22tracks list for that).  All that and our affection for flow and other things a good DJ takes in account make that we like to join the dots between the obscure yet very good music we know to brew a tasty stew like these 2 mixes. Hope you can relate.

This doesn’t mean you can’t expect genre-specific excursions any more. We still like to do that every now and then.

Anyway, do give this new mix a check. For once you can even download it on Kense’s Soundcloud. And do scroll through the rest of the site as there is a lot of niceness to discover.