The Word Magazine Column.

We haven’t posted much online about music last few months but that’s about to change. Drastically.

Feeble attempts to incorporate our need to share the music we like into the Onda Sonora site have never been really satisfactory. It got lost between the news on there, we couldn’t make it different enough from what you find plenty elsewhere on the net and it diluted the real goal of the website (sharing all things Onda Sonora related).

>So we’re quite happy we get 2 new opportunities to preach our gospel. First up is a column for The Word Magazine in which Bart indulges his fascination for Belgian music. He’ll try to explore by means of certain themes, events, releases, … what makes music made in our home country stand apart. You’ll get hooked up with tons of knowledge and get his personal perspective on things on top. It’ll be wildly diverse both in genres as times in history.

First up is a little excursion into the world of Wave. You might have noticed we’re severely hooked on it for quite a while now and Belgium has played no small role in it. It’s a first step towards hopefully something interesting and coherent. Give it some time to find its own groove and give Bart some time to settle into this new role. He’s open to suggestions and remarks of course but keep it gentle. Hehe.

Second new project that we’ll start soon will be more along the lines of what we’ve (aka Onda Sonora and On-Point) been doing with RELEASE. Supporting and promoting new Belgian music with an edge. Expect that in the weeks to come.