Asorted Beats & Bleeps.

A mix taking a different path. One through territories claimed by New Wave, Italo-Disco, Early Electronica, Techno and 80s Chicago (inspired) House.

If you like this and you’re in Brussels on September 14th do drop by at London Calling where we’re having a party called Mathématiques Modernes where you can expect this sort of music and other moody, dark & raw sounds.

Shoc Corridor – Artificial Horizon – Testtoon
John Carpenter – The End (Remix) – ZYX
The League Unlimited Orcherstra – Things That Dreams Are Made Of – Virgin
Hipnosis – End Title (Blade Runner) – Memory
John Nammit / Martin Van Der Schagt – Highway Patrol – GWP
L.I.F.E. – All Played Out (Dub) – Dance-Sing
Kraftwerk – It’s More Fun To Compute – EMI
Throbbing Gristle – Hot On The Heels Of Love – Industrial
LFO – Them – Warp
Tako – My Kind Of Woman – Ambassador’s Reception
Gherkin Jerks – Don’t Dis The Beat – Alleviated
Mr. Beatnick – Blue Dream – Don’t Be Afraid
Rhythm Based Lovers – Basic Rhythms – FrequeNC
Virgo – School Hall – Rush Hour