Radio Show 24/09/2013 – Sparkling Bits, Hantrax & Ekster in the studio.


This week we have plenty of guests in our show. Jeremy, half of the duo behind Sparkling Bits, talks about the group and the live gig they’ll be playing next week at our Bedroom Beats event at Bonnefooi in Brussels. We also play some of their (and the other live acts that day, Ohm Meta) tracks. After that we bring Hantrax and Victor, Ekster label boss, to have a chat about the first his killer new album out on the latter’s imprint. And we play some cuts from the freshly printed vinyl as well, of course.

You listen to this show again, all week long.

Riot – Welcome To The World – Motown
Sparkling Bits – Land Of Thirst – Dforms
Kassett x Jun Nagaosa – Foundation YA – CDR
Freddy Bracker – Valleysounds – Self-Released
Sparkling Bits – Rising Sun – Dforms
Brihang – Leontine – Fake
Ohm Meta – Lucid – Xtraplex
Polygon – Foggy Klouds – DRLR
Sparkling Bits – Turkish Lament – Dforms
Ravi Shankar – Transmigration – EMI
Hantrax – Living In My Bathroom – Ekster
Hantrax – Harold’s Theme – Ekster
Shockabilly – Daytripper – Celluloid
Hantrax – City Of Distortion – Ekster
Ninjato – Dream – Caoutchou
Hantrax – Main Man – Ekster
Ohm Meta – Deer Hard – Xtraplex