Radio Show 01/04/2014 – DJ Sofa in the Studio


We start with a little tribute to House music original Frankie Knuckles who passed away this week and we continue with DJ Sofa who’s bringing over Minimal Wave label boss Veronica Vasicka for his party this Saturday at Les Ateliers Claus (along with a fine range of local artists / DJs).

You can listen to this show again, all week long.

Robert Owens – Visions – 4th & Broadway
Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song – Virgin
Frankie Knuckles ft Satoshiie Tomie – Tears – FFRR
The Nightwriters – Let The Music Use You – Danica

>>> DJ Sofa in the mix <<<
The Space Lady – Synthesize Me
Borghesia– Secret Affair nr 1
s-f-x – Non-Standard Mixture
Nine Circles – Here Come I Here Is Me
Kremlyn – The Girl Is Mine
Pe Cader – Electro matratze
Smersh – The Fuse Burns
Pyrolator – Die Haut Der Frau
Mono 45/Upm – Romance Adieu
The Vyllies – Purple Gorilla
Sons Of Silence – Way Of Live