This week we celebrate record shops.


This week we’ll celebrate vinyl culture and record shops worldwide. Our own personal grassroots way of celebrating what’s very close to our heart; vinyl records and the shops that sell them. All week long will revolve around those things. Even more than the already unhealthy dose it normally does.

On Tuesday we have Stan from Veals & Geeks in our radio studio to talk about record shops, its customers and how we should cherish them, plus we give him carte blanche to play some records after the chat.

On Saturday we’ll be behind the decks again at The first time was so much fun we’re very, very happy to be back so soon. Best online radio around, bar none. Visually even further ahead of all competition.

That evening we’ll play an all-nighter at BAAR, our favourite venue / restaurant / cocktail bar (in Gent), again bar none (lame pun intended). Come enjoy great drinks while we play our most infectious records on an extraordinary sound system.

It goes without saying that we’ll only play vinyl. Not so much because it’s basically the theme of this all but because we always do it like this (and if you need to mention it, there’s something wrong with you, your DJ-skills or your ability to make a difference as a DJ).

Do expect more little things from us during the week. Expect a mix, some posts about shops on our website & social media and more. The first things we put online is a series of photos we took during our digging trips worldwide.