Radio Show 25/07/2014 – La Funky Fête Nationale Française Journée + 1

A day late but we still celebrate the French in our radio show with a mix that has got their touch. La Funky Fête Nationale Française Journée + 1 is a blend of disco, disco sampling house and some funky pop tunes all made in France.

You can listen to this show again, all week long.

To check the mix, music only, check our mixcloud page.

Le Club – Un fait divers et rien de plus – Vogue
Brigade Mondaine – Tiger Paper – Malligator
Cerrone – Back Track – Malligator
Bob Sinclar – Get Into The Music – Yellow
Thomas Bangalter – On Da Rocks – Roulé
Kongas – Anikana O – Barclay
Don Ray – Gotta Have Loving – Malligator
Michel Polnareff – Lipstick – WEA
Madame – Quand tout va par deux – Vogue
Interview – Salut Les Salauds – BMC
Elli Medeiros – Toi Mon Toit – Barclay