Radio Show 23/12/2014 – End-Of-Year Recap.


Our very own wayward and utterly personal end-of-year recap. Nothing ehauwstive nor definitive just a few records that give us an excuse to highlight what’s been important to us (which will only make a little sense to the Dutch speaking we’re afraid). Anyway, enjoy.

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Lowcommittee – Salon – Vlek
Crossbeat – The Opening (Easy) – Voxed
Mittland Och Leo – Decades – JJ Funhouse
Kloot Per W – Sex Wars – EE Tapes
Kenny Graham And The Satellites – Tropical Sun – Trunk
Vessel – Euoi – Tri-Angle
Gesloten Cirkel – Chatters – Murder Capital
SBTRKT – Temprorary View – Young Turks
Kalbata & Mixmonster – Prisoner of Love feat. Little John – Freestyle
Cast of Let My People Come – I’m Gay – Libra
David Alexandre Winter – Qu’est-ce Que J’ai Dansé – Barclay
Bailey & Bridges – Come And Get It – Rhythm King
Droids – Shanti Dance – Barclay
Northend – Tee’s Happy – Emergency