fm brussel must stay.


The radio station that has been airing our weekly radio for the past 7 years is under threat.  Tuesday, out of the blue, plans for complete closure by the end of the month of fm brussel were announced. A massive protest since then has made the powers that be temporarily reconsider their harsh decision. But the threat isn’t gone yet. We still need to fight and put pressure on those that are in charge to keep it on air lastingly. If knowledge isn’t what will make them do the right thing we’ll make sure they hear the voice of reason, a loud undeniable one of many like us who appreciate the diverse urban media that are fm brussel, tv brussel, Brussel Deze Week / Agenda and Hoping this will make them understand that changing a winning team this drastically is sheer stupidity. We’re not against progress, evolution is a fact of life, but we like it to be based on something else than the expertise of a few marketeers who don’t get Brussels and its city life.

So please  sign the petition and like the facebook page.

And come to the party at Soul Inn this Saturday which is organized by all fm brussel evening DJs, our colleagues and us, and which will be an excellent occasion to meet the people that make excellent radio every day and express your support in the most fitting way possible, by dancing.

This is but the beginning of our protest but let it be a flying start.