05/09/2015 | 15 Years Onda Sonora


Onda Sonora started as a party at JH Eenders in Halle organised by 3 youngsters in search of a good night out. Good meaning centred around the music they love(d) and which, in general, was and still is considered left of mainstream. 15 years later 2 of them are still going. Stronger than ever and with an enthusiasm that would have made their younger selves go “Really?”. We were silently letting this anniversary slip us by as we’re not the nostalgic kind (even when digging for older music we mainly go for what we don’t know yet) and we didn’t have the venue to celebrate it properly. That’s where the younger generation, now at the helm of JH Eenders and Spectakulo (which in its early days was called “Spectakulo – Onda Sonora”) comes in. Offering us to host a stage at Spectakulo and thus giving us the perfect opportunity to make some noise about our crystal jubilee.

A perfect chance to invite some of the characters that made the past 15 years special for us. Each with a different reason why a special place in our hearts and history is reserved for them. Fully knowing there are plenty of others with similar claims we can’t include. Expect a 15h long marathon, from noon until around 3am, at Spectakulo (in and around JH Eenders in Halle) with plenty of premium music, some room for nostalgia and, above all, the chance to add another legendary night to our already sizeable list.

Here’s the friends we’ve asked to play some tunes:

The friendliest DJ we know, a main inspiration to us and someone with whom we have spent some great nights out. Twice in Brussels on our invitation and some wild ones at the Nottinghill Arts Club, Southport Weekender and other UK venues. We’re very happy this monument of the UK-music-with-a-firm-dash-of-soul-scene, since the mid-90s as part of Restless Soul, the Broken Beat movement and the worldwide soulful house scene, is coming over to add his magic to our anniversary.

Doesn’t need much introduction, certainly not to those who’ve been part of our journey so far. Played numerous times at our parties, from way before he became globally recognised. Nowadays not only a friend but also a homie to both Onda Sonora DJs as we’re all living in the same quartier (don’t tell the local politicians but 1030 will be heavily represented, haha).

These days providing the beats on stage for STIKSTOF but used to be our go to local DJ for hihop sets back in the days when we organised parties at JH Eenders. Always good fun when we meet this cat backstage, in a local bars or during football games.

We wouldn’t be doing what we do without Rikkie. Our biggest inspiration, dare we say mentor, from way back before we even started Onda Sonora. So happy he’ll be part of this celebration. He’ll share the decks with our Jarobi (see ATCQ) or Shae (see N*E*R*D). That guy who’s always with us but seeks a dark corner instead of the spotlights; our good friend and record digging buddy Jonathan.

Contemporaries of the early JH Eenders party scene. Reggae dons we grew up with and still our favourite selectors when it comes to Jamaican sounds. It wouldn’t be a anniversary without them part of it.

54Kolaktiv member, main man behind the Ménage Ménage radio show (the one just before ours every Tuesday on fm brussel) and fellow record enthusiast. Seinkat is probably the Brussels crew we feel most akin to so we wanted them to be part of this.

… and ONDA SONORA of course.

Entrance is free.

Details will follow in the weeks to come.

This celebration is part of the ☼ SPECTAKULO 2015 ☼ festival which is a 2-day affair with multiple stages and events. Do check out their main facebook event page to know more.