Radio Show 05/10/2016 – Balades Sonores

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We have Antoine in our studio to talk about the new record store in town he’s running; Balades Sonores. He also brings some records to present the shop musically and as you will hear it’s aiming for an eclectic selection of left of centre independent releases. An absolute pleasure to discover so much (local) music we never heard before. Firmly recommended.

Lou Donaldson – Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky – Blue Note
Chicken Curry & His Pop Percussion Orchestra – Grand Prix – Mfp
>>> Balades Sonores Selection <<<
Woo – Awaawaa – Plato Flats And General Catalogue
Woo – Back On Track – Plato Flats And General Catalogue
Annelies Monseré – Are You Going To Leave Me? –
Nicolas Michaux – Nouveau Départ – Tôt Ou Tard
Ed Sanders – Yiddish Speaking Socialists Of The Lower East Side – Okraïna
Oiseaux-Tempête – Opening Theme – Sub Rosa
>>> End Of Selection <<<
Moggi – Officina Stellare – We Release Whatever The Fuck We Like Records
Benis Cletin – Rain, Sun and Love – PMG
Bee Gees – You Stepped Into My Life – RSO