Radio Show 26/09/2107 – Didier Deridder In The Studio

We have Didier Deridder in our studio. Maybe not the most well-known guest we’ve ever had but for us one of the musically most influential ones. Our record dealer in Halle when we first started as Onda Sonora and as such leaving a deep mark on our taste in music back then. Now turning 50 so we thought it was about time we brought him into our studio for a chat and music selection.

The Softones – Call It Love – Hal
Inner Life – Make It Last Forever – Salsoul
Maurice Moore and the Family Affair Band – Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold – Melodies
Disconnection – Cash Money – Prelude
Mr B – Tight Fit – Jersey Connection
Orlando Johnson – Turn The Music On – Easy Street

>>> Didier Deridder in the mix <<< Thesda - Spaced Out High Society Brothers - Black Narcissus Massive Suits Quartet - Full Moon Wizard Kosuke Mine Quartet - Dream Eyes