Mix | Show Business Maghis’ Edition

Who or what is ‘Show Business Maghis’? We found a whole lot of records with ‘Show Business Maghis’ stamps on it during two cratedigging sessions in Antwerp. Seems like a 70’s / 80’s Belgian (mobile) disco dj, with a good taste, sold his collection. We got the dude’s name and an old address but we can’t get any closer than that. If any of you could get us in touch, let us know.

About the playlist. It ranges from midtempo disco to uptempo boogie, from Tee Scott to François Kevorkian productions, from New York over London to Italy, from very common records to rare ones. Anyway, enjoy these records of the ‘Show Business Maghis’ collection!

Carol Williams – No One Can Do It (Like You) – Vanguard Disco
Mona Rae – Do Me – Quality Records
Lou Christie – Guardian Angels – Plateau
Joe Coleman – Get It Off The Ground – F1 Team
Brooklyn Dreams – Music, Harmony And Rhythm – Millenium
Conquest – Give It To Me (If You Don’t Mind) – Rams Horn
One Way – Shine On Me – MCA Records
C.M. Lord – Flashback – Montage Records
Suzy Q – With Your Love – J.C. Records
Mystic Touch – Get Yourself Together – Champagne Records
Sound On Sound – white label
Kreamcicle – Hold On – SAM Records