Digressing In The Crates: Kôkô – Le Nabout Twist – Fontana

Giving in to our never ceasing urge to share the insights we gather while expanding our record collections, we start a new section on our site. A blog if you will. About things that probably seem useless to know to many but are essential to everything we love about digging. Digressing into areas formerly unknown to us and slowly but surely joining the dots between the colourful amalgam of records that fill our Expedits. Giving it all sense and proving we are, in a way, extremely focused, be it in a somewhat unconventional way.

Kicking off the series we do by explaining why a certain French artist we’ve loathed for most of our years end up in our heavy rotation selection.

A nice looking cover and the promise of something exotic and slightly off always gets our attention. That’s why this particular record ended up in our bag. Only when back home clear the artist wasn’t obscure nor unknown to us at all. This is actually Claude François, who you may known from cheesy sing along fodder like “Alexandrie, Alexandra”, “Comme d’Habitude” or, even worse, “Le Téléphone Pleure”, his first single. A mix of early rock, twist and his own Egyptian roots. Over all very solid and, surprisingly to us, showing a funny side of the man we didn’t know about.

This fits nicely in our more eclectic sets and adds that quirkiness we like.

That we play the man’s music will come as no surprise to our loyal and erudite followers. We’ve been baging out “Reste” by him at every chance we got lately. Being almost every set we’ve played last few months. We’ve been fans of this particular track ever since we stumbled across the video embedded.

The song is, off course, a cover of Frankie Valli and the Four Season’s “Beggin'” which has been given renewed fame by another Frenchman, Pilooski, a couple of years ago.

Never thought we would play Claude François in our sets but here you go. Glued in the box, both 45’s.