Digressing in The Crates | Rita Deneve – De Allereerste Keer – Palette

Always thought this Flemish classic has a high Big Beat feel to it even if it’s not produced by Norman Cook but by Peter Loland. A giant of the Belgian pop scene only the deepest diggers know by this name. It’s a moniker of Joseph Van Het Groenewoud, dad of Raymond, but internationally best known as Nico Gomez.

The song itself is a cover of an Italian original sung by Nicola Di Bari. It sounds like a less punchy version of the Flemish cover though.

For an even less gripping version we look towards the Dutch and Marjan Kampen. Proving the Peter Loland touch is what makes our local version stand out.

And just for fun our favourite Nico Gomez track as an encore. Which the always on point Mr Bongo have reissued but isn’t that hard to find on original LP.