Finally got to see Rosas their “A Love Supreme” dance performance. At their performance space, which was a double win for me. It was an unnecessary but nevertheless more than welcome reminder of John Coltrane’s genius. And an acknowledgement that my personal dance moves I occasionally let loose in the confinement of my own living room aren’t all that out there. Maybe a little less coordinated.

Although I very rarely think it’s a good idea to cover a classic like this there’s one group that pulled it off, in my opinion. Ballistic Brothers (one of the many outfits Ashley Beedle, one of my personal heroes was part of) did a very good job on their ace second album. Essential album and on of the few I keep buying every time I come across one resulting in a nice personal stock, haha.

Can’t say I know of other versions of this song that I like. If you know of one do let me know.

I do like a certain house music version of another John Coltrane classic though. “Naima” from his Giant Steps album. Less free and a little more rigidly structured so more susceptible to dance reworks.

Hipnotic’s version of this song has been a firm favourite ever since it was released. On one of my fetish labels, Laws Of Motion, well-known for its broken beat output. This is more standard house but still edgy enough to get me going.