Digressing In The Crates | The Tesco Bombers ‎– Hernando’s Hideaway.

Finding links between the deeper records in my collection and Lange Jojo reworks is beginning to become a new hobby. Although I’ve listened to The Tesco Bombers before I never made the connection with “Jefke Stamenei”. Optimo’s “Cease & Desist” compilation has been on heavy rotation when it came out and still is never far away from the decks and I’ve been hooked on all things Y records / Rough Trade / Post-Punk with that particular scruffy DIY funk meets influences from de deeper ends of the musical spectrum and this one-off has it all. So this is one is almost tailormade for Onda Sonora’s taste.

Realizing that Lange Jojo has his own version of this makes me happy. It connects a lot of our interests and influences. And add a bit of musical to it.

Both are reprises of a classic of course. A tagno show tune from the musical The Pajama Game from 1954.

The most well-known version was done, apparently, by Archie Bleyer and sounds quite interesting. Lovely discovery.