The Word Radio | Belgium Plays.

The Word radio are doing their part to support the local scene in these challenging lockdown times with a special series of shows recorded by a selection of their residents playing nothing but recently-released Belgian music.

Our contribution is a selection of tracks released in 2020 by a lot of our favourite local artists and some new discoveries. This was a lot of fun to make as it brought the 22tracks/Beats times back a bit. Big up to Omar and Dieter for the help compiling this.

One afterthought though. Bandcamp should be a standard for all independent artists and labels. Makes it so much easier and avoids having to go on big platforms as iTunes, Amazon or whatever. Added links to the playlist to help you acquire what you like as much as possible.

Family Beaches – Everything into fragments – Self-Released
Ben Bertrand – The Manmaipo – STROOM
Dijf Sanders – Ravana – Unday
NAG – Toen Tot Nu feat. ZG & Peet – Self-Released
Roedel – Het Spijt Me – Self-Released
KRANKk – How We Were – Self-Released
Paard. – BembĂ© – WERF Records
SCHNTZL – sumi – W.E.R.F. records
Hihats In Trees – Kalimero John – Paxico
Hiele – Fun And Annoying – Self-Released
Borokov Borokov – Godverdomme – Rotkat
Front de Cadeaux – Sound of the Paradigm Transition – Self-Released
Lawrence Le Doux – Regina – Hivern Discs
Prutser – Netels – STROOM
Spirit & Form – Drop (Weird Dust remix) – JJ Funhouse
Leitlokomotiv – Als Een Leeuw In Een Kooi – Self-Released