Mix | Belgian releases mix for Kraft Collective & Leietheater Deinze

This week was all about Belgian music on radio, web and other platforms. As a support for the local musicians who suffered badly from the current health crisis. The very lovely people from Kraft Collective asked us if we could do a mix for that. Which we gladly did. We made it into something special. 2 hours of Belgian releases we like very much. A mix of (relatively) current tracks with really obscure or forgotten bits of the past that have a special place in our hearts. Stylewise all over the place, evidently 🙂 . Hope you enjoy and do visit Deinze if you get the chance. Mudel, Leietheater and more are well worth the trip.

Soft Focus – Crab – San-Kofa Rhythm Records
Hihats In Trees – Sandaalwoud – Paxico Records
A Blaze Colour – Through With Life – Plurex
Klein Volk – Achter Het Stuur – Kort Dag
Schroothoop – Sluikstort – Stadskanker / Rebel Up
Condor Gruppe – Stone Lizard – Condor Men Records
Big Bill – Space Caca Del Toro – Parsifal
SCHNTZL – Tujiko – W.E.R.F.
Dynooo – Onion Funck – Surf Kill
Weird Dust – Solid Tribe 2.1.2 – Crevette Records
Blitzzega – Ilona Marchesi – Dim Din Records
Lala – Do The Kangaroo (dub) – Parsley
Takis – Paris Istanbul – Indisc
Nasca – Nothing Toulouse – Corizona
Chouk Bwa & The Ã…ngströmers – Negriye – Les Disques Bongo Joe
Pura Vida – Blessing From The Last Ark – Lost Ark Music
San Soda – Quilombo – We Play House Records
Arbeid Adelt – Potloodmoorden (dub) – Groovy Intl. Records
Borokov Borokov – En – Rotkat
Nite School – Do You Spreak French ? – AVI Records
Billy Palmier – Drama 2am – On Point
Sunny Meadows – Float Afronaut In Space – Wha? Roots
Homerun – The Dreamers – Freerange
Bright Entity – As Everday Goes By – Holger Tracks
De Nooit Moede – Smeekbeden – Konkakt Group
Alex Deforce – Zij – Lexi Disques
Hiele – Encounter – Universal Exports
Simon Und Sein Freund – Emily’s Second Game – Antler