Playlist Radio Show 2008/07/08

Tonight it’s Dieter and Yoeri in the studio. As I was still in Sète when they recorded it. Expect new music from Kid Sublime, Fudge Fingas (from the new release on Trus’me’s Prime Numbers label), Vaceo (from the upcoming compilation of releases on Sick Trumpet), Nu-era (4hero’s Marc Mac on the Here Comes Treble compilation), Roland Appel and more. Also some classics, a take on Radiohead by Muhsinah you can download for free on her site (but be sure to buy her superb album too) and an all exclusive Onda Sonora edit. Enjoy.

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Eddie Kendricks – My People … Hold On (Motown Records)
Kid Sublime – Own World (Dopeness Galore)
Muhsinah – Scatterbrain (Free Download)
Vaceo – Shine Y’Light (Sick Trumpet)
Fantasy – It ‘s Your Rock (Strut)
Fudge Fingas – Dindins4dadda (Prime Numbers)
Pete Herbert – Don’t Let Go (Disco Deviance)
Touch – Love Hangover – Onda Sonora Edit (CDR)
Roland Appel – New Love (Sonar Kollektiv)
Japanese Synchro System – Check It, Spread It – C2 Main Mix (Life Line Records)
Quentin Harris – House (Un-Restricted Acces)
Nu Era – Robot Moves (Treble O)
Kraftwerk – Numbers (Warner Bros)