Quality (House) Music Mix

This time a mix without a fixed theme. Freestyle if you want although it’s mainly House music, with some Disco, Boogie and even Brazilian music thrown in for good measure, and mainly fairly new stuff. Incorporating some of my current favourites was the main goal of this mix. Showing Onda Sonora is more than a bunch of music historians with a few mixing skills. We like music, ancient to future, as long as it’s quality.

Sun – Radiation Level – Capitol (1979)
I’m getting deeper into the world of Dayton funk and this band might not be as known as some others but they’ve got more than a few killer joints. This one being one of them.

The Pinch – Shot Out – Spider Mo / People’s Potential Unlimited – (1981 / 2010)
I’m a big fan of this label reissuing obscure Disco and Boogie gems. Even did an interview with the boss of this label. This is one of the many PPU 12”s that rarely gets out of my box.

Syndrome – Extreme Desire (Noon Mix) – Easy Street (1990)
Some old school House. As rough as they come. Love the moodiness of this.

Johannes Albert – People Say – White (2010)
This is no white label but from the German label that called itself that way. Simple and effective track and ideal to build up to the track after it.

San Soda – Ode Aan De Verkeersdrempel – We Play House (2010)
From the EP announcing his album. With a trademark nonsense Dutch title. Peaktime business. Check all the stuff on this fine Belgian label.

Cro-Magnon feat. Izpon – Aña – Jazzy Sport (2009)
I’m a big Cro-Magnon fan. This very prolific Japanese band has released a lot of killer music last few years. Very diverse, always a little rough. Would love to see them live.

DJ Sprinkles – Masturjakor (KiNK And Neville Watson Remix) – Mule Musiq (2010)
Not much of a DJ Sprinkles fan but I keep buying his 12”s for the excellent remixes. The MCDE one is still big in my box but this one, from old school House aficionado’s KiNK & Neville, is nice as well. You might want to check the other stuff that duo has released on Rush Hour or their solo work on various labels.

Certain Subjects – Miracles and Rooftops – Raw Fusion (2010)
Predicted this would be big in 2010 on the On-Point blog late last year. Maybe it’s not as big as it should yet but nevertheless very glad Mad Mats decided to press this on vinyl so I can keep trying to convince the world of its genius. This is hot.

Gerd – Freedom – Royal Oak (2010)
Maybe not all that original but to me that doesn’t really matter if it’s good. And this is quality House music, honouring the title of this mix to the fullest. If you like this you need to check the man’s work as Amplified Orchestra too.

Norma Jean Bell – Nobody – Peacefrog (2001)
An oldie. Detroit roughness. One of the standout tracks from her album ‘Come Into My Room’. Might be 10 years old but still mighty fresh.

Jared Wilson – Jupiter One – Lux (2010)
New cat from Detroit with a nice EP out. Reminds me a bit of Drexciya stuff. Someone to watch.

Theo Parrish – When I’m Gone – Rush Hour (2010)
My favourite producer and DJ. With a track from the “Vibes: New & Rare Music” compilation put together by Rick Wilhite and released by the friendly boys at Rush Hour. Moody piece of 4/4 music.

DJ Nature – Happy 2 B Near U – Jazzy Sport (2010)
DJ Nature is also known as Milo from the Wild Bunch (where Massive Attack has its roots). Very much sounding like the previous artist in this mix but, like said before, if it’s really good I don’t really mind.

Grupo Batuque – Taruma – Far Out (2000)
Something to finish this mix with. Felt like pulling out the “Africa Brasil” album. Fits nicely and closes off gently.