Some Nice Gigs Coming Up

We’ve got a few interesting gigs coming up. This Friday we play after the gigs at the Soul Affair in De Rinck, Anderlecht. Always very cosy vibe there and lots of talented vocalists doing their thing. Central figure of the night is Michael Jackson. We’ll try to keep the groove going with a mix of new and old.

The week after that Dâm-Funk is coming to Brussels. At the Bluefunk District Party, organised by our man Cris Prolific, happening at le Tavernier. Always nice to be on the same bill as this friendly Californian Funkmeister. Also nice to share the decks with some Belgian Zulu Nation members. Heard Defi J play some heavy Boogie tunes in the past. It’s bound to be a banging party. See you on Saturday the 26th in Ixelles.

Hope you’re all on Facebook because those 2 events have only got a web-presence on that.

Hope Dâm-Funk is still in Brussels on Sunday so he can join us when we celebrate 2 years of Onda Sonora Radio Show at Veals & Geeks. Definitely a shop where he can find some gems.

The week after that it’s of course time for Our Party. If you want to join the barbecue, don’t forget to send us a mail ( so we can estimate how much food we need to foresee. (Oh, and barbecue is written with a C not a Q).

See y’all at one or more of these excellent parties.