Ahu – To : Love

Paul White, Ahu, Dimlite and One-Handed. All these tags should get you mighty excited if you’ve been following this site with even the slightest bit of attention. Ahu is the Turkish producer / singer  that has sung on tracks by Mr. Beatnick and Flying Lotus, Paul White is one of the few beatmakers that makes us shush people when they talk over his music, we only talk about Dimlite in raving terms as if we were marketeers wanting to sell the newest sort of toothpaste (we can’t help it, his music is that brilliant) and if Alex Chase wasn’t doing such a good job you would think we are doing the promo for One-Handed.

Anyhow, this all to tell you this is a 12” you need. Because it more than lives up to the expectations set by all who’s involved. Ahu’s vocals fit Paul White’s hypnotic beats perfectly and what Dimlite does with the track makes us use the word genius without making us feel like an hyped up journalist who’s only able to speak in superlatives. This is a truly fantastic release.

Get it here. Or in a decent record shop near you.