About time we start warming y’all up for our next party. The one with Rainer Tr├╝by and Vanessa Freeman is more than 2 months behind us and the summer recess is, for most of us, history too. So it’s about time we gave you something to look forward to. And we think we’ve cooked up a really nice prospect. We’ll keep the strong points of the last few editions (the great sound, the nice venue, the fine selection of quality drinks at reasonable prices, the welcoming atmosphere) and add some extras.

One of these extras is our guest DJ. Phil Asher is somebody we regard as one of the greatest out there. As a quality, Soulful music DJ, as a producer of forward thinking dance music and as a party animal pur sang. Last time he played at one of our parties was near legendary. Not a full house but everyone dancing their ass off. Even on Fuse One’s ‘In Celebration Of The Human Spirit’, a wild Fusion Jazz classic, the crowd went wild. Much to my astonishment. That’s something only the really great can achieve. Another thing we highly appreciate is that since we’ve met him at an Inspiration Information party just before Nottinghill Carnival an few years back, he always recognises us and says hello. Even at Southport where he seems to know every single person present. We know other DJs, even local ones we considered friends for a while, who don’t seem to have that good a memory. Haha.

So we booked a friendly DJ with immense skills and a taste for partying. Seems to be our standard as those words fit our previous guests perfectly too. Add the Funktion One sound system and hopefully the new Bozak mixer if we get that one on time and you know you’re in for a real big treat. And all that for less than the price of 2 beers in a regular club as we keep the entrance fee to 5 euro. How about that.

Venue’s still the same. Belle-Vue, Henegouwenkaai 43 Quai de Hainaut, 1080 Brussels. Date is October 30th.

And you might want to subscribe to our mailing list as we’ll do some pre-party business. There are some birthdays to be celebrated.