Playlist Radio Show 11/01/2011

This week another fine blend of old and new. Preparing you for OUR PARTY this Saturday at Belle-Vue. We’ve slipped in some killer Belgian beats by Boohgaloo Zoo (aka K’Bonus and U-Gene) & Sebastien Bourbonnais (aka Boubastar). Enjoy.

Listen again to this show through the fm Brussel streaming all week long.

Dimlite – Kitty Cradle Fog – Now Again
Arp 101 – Flush – Eglo
Skyy – High – Rams Horn
Boohgaloo Zoo – I Got – Lovemonk
Tyrone Brunson – The Smurf – Epic
Cashflow – Party Freak – PolyGram
Henderson & Whitfield – Dancin’ To The Beat – Park Place
People ‘s Choice – Hey Everybody (Party Hearty) – West End
Jomanda – Drifting – Quark
Sebastien Bourbonnais – Third Mountain From Our Last Encounter – Doctor Vinyl
Alexander Hope – Saturdays – Easy Street