Playlist Radio Show 22/02/2011 – RELEASE 04 / Onra & Ahu Special

This week lots of fresh tunes we like plus music from the 2 artists performing live at RELEASE 04 this Saturday at Kriekelaar. Read all about that fine event here. It’s free and next to the live gigs we’ve got plenty of interesting lectures and workshops lined up for you by San Soda, Nabil Ben Yadir, Alex Vanhee, Micha Volders, Poppunt ans Stijn. All for free by the way.

Listen again to this show through the fm Brussel streaming all week long.

Dorian Concept – Toe Games Made Her Giggle – Ninja Tune
Will.I.Am – Lay Me Down feat. Terry Dexter – BBE
Mizz Beats – 2 Bit Road – Eglo

>>> Onra Quadruplet <<<
Onra – Send Me Your Love – All City
Onra – Super Genesis feat. HäzelFavorite
Onra– Long Distance feat. Olivier DaysoulAll City
Onra– The Anthem – Favorite

Strand – Lo Que Pienso Los Domingos – CDR

>>> Ahu Triplette <<<
Flying Lotus – Roberta Flack feat. DollyWarp
Ahu – To: Love (Dimlite Remix) – One Handed
Mr. Beatnick feat. Ahu – I Know All The Bitches (Bullion Remix) – Altered Vibes

Demetrio Giannice – QC – Third Ear
The Jasper Street Company – A Feeling (Farley & Heller Project Remix) – Azuli
Rising Sunz – Sunrize – (Henry Street / BBE)
Jacob Korn – Supakrank – Dolly