Boogie & Beyond Mix.

To give y’all something to prepare your dance routines for OUR PARTY on I have recorded a mix with mostly Boogie tracks and some more out there excursions into dance music from the early 80s. With a reference to our special guest SEAN P in the form of the inclusion of one of his edits but actually the entire mix is inspired by the man as he’s one of the main guides that pointed me in the direction of this (and much other) slice(s) of music history.


And come down to OUR PARTY on Saturday March 19 at Belle-Vue, Brussels for much more. All the info you need here.

Track List.
Konk – Uptown Breakdown – Interference 1982
Radiance – This Is A Party – Ware 1980
Captain Sky – Station Brake (Intermission) – WMOT 1981
J.R. Funk And The Love Machine – Feel Good, Party Time (Instrumental) – Brass 1980
The Younger Generation – We Rap More Mellow – Brass 1979
Master Jay & Michel Dee – T.S.O.B. – The Sound Of Brooklyn 1980
Conquest – Give It To Me (If You Don’t Mind) – Prelude 1981
Terry Burrus And Transe – Love Rockin’ (Long Version) – Arista 1983
Chaz Jankel – 3.000.000 Synths (Sean P Edit) – Tirk 2007 (original A&M 1981)
Gary’s Gang – Makin’ Music (Dub Mix) – Radar 1983
Felix – You Can’t Hold Me – Sleeping Bag 1984