Virgo Four ‘Resurrection’

Unforgivable, no other words are appropriate for the lack of shine we gave Virgo Four’s ‘Resurrection’ box out on Rush Hour. Let me correct this mistake.

That same word fits all who haven’t bought their self-titled album by the way, reissued by that same fine label from Amsterdam last year, as it is without doubt a (criminally overlooked) House music landmark. An early House masterpiece that got lost in the endless stream of music released, often putting moneymaking before artistic value, when Chicago boomed on the international dance scene. It’s not only a overwhelming piece of music because of it’s musicality and complexity (which is even more baffling if you know it was recorded between ’84 and ’90 with what is now considered vintage analogue electronic instruments and instead of using sequencers all played live).

Merwyn Sanders and Eric Lewis, the Chicago born duo behind Virgo Four, always stated that this album and the 12”s on TRAX (also under the names M.E. and Ace & The Sandman), weren’t even their best efforts from back then. Something you can judge for yourself (and we can only agree with) through the big ass “Resurrection” box which contains tracks that were selected from 100’s of 4-track tapes that had been untouched and unreleased. These demo recordings have been restored and mastered for release. Finally giving Virgo Four the spotlight they deserve.

For once vinyl lovers get the edge. The CD holds 15 tracks while the limited, very nicely packaged, vinyl box contains an extra 15 tracks on top of these.

For the fans of Virgo Four. There has been another 12” clear vinyl released last year by Rush Hour. Supposedly only for sale on their tour but worth the extra effort.

An interview with Virgo Four on L.W.E.