We • Japan

This Saturday ‘We • Japan’. Not sure what that means but it should result in lots of money for those who need help after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Something which largely depends on everyone’s generosity that evening. To motivate you to be loose with the money there are gigs by MonkeyRobot and JtotheC + DJ sets by Gratts, On-Point Soundsystem, Kong, Guldentops, ourselves and others. From 7pm on there will be Japanese food. It all happens at JH ‘t Schabernak, Edouard Dekosterstraat 134 in Evere, Brussels. Hope to see you all there.

Invite all your friends through Facebook.

If you can’t make it to that one or can’t get enough of partying for a good cause there’s a second benefit we’ll play at. On Sunday May 1st we’ll play together with, among others, Rahaan (a killer Chicago DJ), Red D, San Soda, Gratts and the Back to the Roots crew (the organisers) at Decadance in Ghent. But more about that one soon.

If you can’t make it to any of these, there are still ways to support Japan in a musical way. Like spending your money on 2 very nice compilations for instance. One is compiled by A Bridge Too Far Recordings & The Find Magazine and is called ‘The Sun Still Rises In The East’. Lefto, Kidkanevil and Dela, among others, contributed to this one. The second one is called ‘Nihon Kizuna’ and features Kode 9, All City Records, Daisuke Tanabe, Om Unit, Paul White, One Handed Music, Illum Sphere and many more. This is an initiative from Broken Haze, Laurent Fintoni, XLII and Audace.