Sean P Mix On Back To Niceness

Before he played at OUR PARTY Sean P did a mini-set in Deejay Kwak’s radio show Back To Niceness. We’ve got the file without the announcements and thought it be nice to share it with y’all. As a sort of appetiser for the full length set we recorded later that night and which we’ll share with you once we’ve got the tracklist. So check it out on our mixcloud page.

Cleveland Eaton – Slipping Into Darkness – Black Jazz
The Mighty Gents – The Mighty Gents – Mighty Gents
John Edwards – Careful Man – Kent
The Supremes – High Energy – Motown
Freddie James – Dance To The Beat – Unidisc
Steele & Skin – Musical Minds – Rough Trade
Colored Music – Heartbeat – EMI
Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Run One Mile – Dynamic Sounds

Be sure to check out the next diggers delight in Brussels when Quantic will be playing at Belle-Vue on April 1st. Invited by Kwak and DJ ReeDoo. Not to miss.