This morning when going through the new releases of the week I noticed the bulk of the House music releases are very much inspired by the late ‘80s / early ‘90s. I say inspired but for most I should rather use imitated as verb in the sentence. A question popped into my mind. Why should I buy these things? They cost 10€ a piece when I find the vintage stuff easily for little more than a couple of Euros. On top of that the newly made stuff is usually made with Ableton or alike and misses the roughness I like so much in the original pieces. Because they’re deliberately made to sound old school they often lack spontaneity and freshness. If there’s a really good one among them (that Storm Queen for example) every DJ and his or her mom plays it making it less attractive to me as I’m a natural born contraire.

This afternoon I stumbled upon this great essay by Stefan Goldmann and what I vaguely realised a couple of hours earlier I found well written down. Very interesting read which should make everyone who makes music these days reflect on their trade.