Chicago Dance Tracks.

A release we’re looking very much forward to. Gene Hunt is part of the Chicago club scene that gave us House music. A protégé of Ron Hardy and respected DJ in his own right he got many reel to reels from beginning producers to play in his sets (aka the CDRs of the era) and in contrary to many of the makers themselves he kept them stored rigorously. Those producers being the young Larry Heard, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Mike Dunn, Steve Hurley and other key figures of the Chicago House music scene.

The tracks didn’t get released because they weren’t radio friendly enough but this were the tunes that got the dance floors wild. And we love roughness. Not the calculated and pre-programmed raw sound you can tweak out of your DAW nowadays but the spontaneous one you get when trying to sync early drum computers and samplers in order to make something that’ll convert sonic energy into motion on the dance floor.

We’ve been playing the mixtape announcing this release to death. It makes you almost feel the sweat people lost when going all out on these tracks.

Snippets here.