Playlist Radio Show 29/04/2011

This week we gave away a 40 Winks vinyl and played lots of music we like defying genres, tempos and conventions. Like we always do. Enjoy.

Listen again to this show through the fm Brussel streaming all week long.

Cerrone – Strolling On A Sunday Afternoon – Malligator
James Pants – The Way She Looks Tonight – Stones Throw
Craig Mack – Flava In Ya Ear – Arista
Al B. Sure – Nite and Day – Warner Bros
Tommy Stewart – Bump And Hustle Music – Ubiquity
Mo Kolours – Biddies – One Handed (free download)
Was (Not Was) – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming¬†– Island
40 Winks – Sun Spots – Project Mooncircle
Ossie – Tarantula – LightWorks
Arttu – Fear Diluted – Philpot
Taravhonty – Join Hands – Big Beat
Johnick – Play The World (Zoo Zoo Petals Mix) – Henri Street
South Shore Commission – Free Man – Wand