I wasn’t much of a SBTRKT fan up until now. Couldn’t really get into his sound. Thought it was too much trying to fit in with the new bass sound. Sounding artificial. Bought that Goldie bootleg when it was out without listening but it hasn’t survived a recent sift through the collection (if anyone’s interested drop me a mail). So I was more than pleasantly surprised when I heard his self-titled album on Young Turks. After a few listens I can even say I’m blown away. In retrospect there were signs. Most of the tracks he did with Sampha on vocals I heard last months were nice to say the least. Been playing “Living Like I Do” on constant repeat for instance.

The album is more of that. A lot of vocals, usually by Sampha but Yukimi Nagano, Jesse Ware and Roses Gabor feature too, simple and effective productions and above all well-crafted songs. This is how pop music should sound (but doesn’t as I noticed when I listened to the new Britney single – big mistake that). Now bring on Sampha’s solo album. Can’t get enough of his voice.