The Real Sound Of Chicago & Beyond.

One of last year’s personal top experiences is my visit to Mr. Peabody’s record shop in Chicago. Meeting Paula And Doug who drove us deep South in the city, the pre-digging meal at Harold’s Chicken, the massive amount of good records to go through, worrying you’re about to spend all your money on the first day, doing nearly that and being driven back to the hotel by Mike happy like a little child who’s stuffed with candy and has more toys than he can carry.

I knew the shop by its reputation among diggers and from the compilation with rare Chi-Town tracks they compiled for BBE. This album is about to get a sequel. Not solely focussing on Chicago anymore but ever so obscure. Rare not meaning poorly produced or unknown for a good reason. Some absolute gems on this. Personal favourites being the Total Eclipse, Conway Brothers, Sheila Hutchinson-Whitt and Dan Boadi and The African Internationals to name a few. Mike and Mark have re-edited some of the tracks for extra dance floor pleasure. Those you’ll find on the vinyl release. The CD is mostly original material. The digital downloaders get the complete package.