Because it’s been a while since we’ve posted about our RELEASE project you might think it’s dead. That we lost interest in beginning Belgian producers and whatnot. That would be a very incorrect idea, of course.

Those of you following the 22 tracks list we select with Alex from On-Point will have noticed we regularly put some fresh homegrown talent into that. Lots of Cupp Cave, Vlek or Surf Kill related stuff this summer, because it seemed like those guys didn’t take any break at all, but now that everyone has returned from his or her vacation we are able to slip in more other Belgian beats.

One of the new talents we’ve put in our list is Roselien. A singer-songwriter from Leuven who makes music we like a lot. Music that fits our liberal view on what Future Beats are perfectly. We like voices and we love music that goes beyond simple loops glued together. We think that Roselien isn’t out of place in the company of Tanya Auclair, Maylee Todd or HowAboutBeth, international female artists we’ve put in our 22tracks list in the past. All edgy, off-centre and above all fine singer-songwriters.

Another nice Belgian release we haven’t selected for 22tracks because it fits our description far less, but that is really nice nonetheless, is BRNS’ ‘Mexico’ 7” on Limite records. That is a sublabel of On-Point run by the one and only Funky Bompa. It’s Rock music and it’s good. Highly rhythmic and nicely packaged. Check it.

But I was talking about RELEASE. Well, that’s about to make a big comeback. On October 1st we’re part of the Nuit Blanche festivities at Beursschouwburg. With live gigs by Full Crate & Mar and Sam A La Bamalot, 2 killer acts from the Netherlands. DJs that night are the On-Point, Laid-Back and Onda Sonora Soundsystems. Entrance is free.

The next real RELEASE evening we’re doing is scheduled to happen on January the 28th. At Beursschouwburg again. We’re piecing the program together as we speak. Solicitations are as always welcome. We love to discover music. Do hook us up with your music not only for this but for our selection and radio show.

And it doesn’t stop after that. Plans and possibilities are only getting bigger. Haha.