Local Talk.

The days we anxiously waited until the next Raw Fusion, Jugglin’ or GAMM release dropped are long over. The first 2 are pretty much dormant and the latter only serves us lukewarm edits that, in our opinion, have been done better before. This doesn’t mean that Mad Mats has lost his touch as a label manager. Together with someone called Tooli he has started a new record company that’s releasing some top notch House called Local Talk.

Fulbert – First Time House (LT002, side a) – Snippet! by Local Talk

The music on it very much reminds us of what that other current favourite of us, My Love Is Underground, is doing. Releasing revamped 90s styled NYC / NJ 4 to the floor dance music. So if you think, like us, there aren’t enough Bottom Line, Movin’ or NuGroove releases to be found on Discogs this is a lovely new source for bass-heavy House music with vocal stabs & keys galore. Firmly recommended.