Goldffinch / ARP101

Getting played by Benji B’s radio show (or Alex Nut, Gilles Peterson, Mary Anne Hobbs, …) is a goal many Belgian producers in our niche are aiming for. It’s not only good for the sales and credibility but it proves you’re doing something right. Not many cats achieve it though.

Getting played three times in one show on the other hand is big in anyone’s standards. Usually a feat only reserved for the really big names in the game. Goldffinch on the other hand managed to pull it off. With help from Numbers’ Spencer and Jackmaster. That they’re about to release something on that same label might help but it’s still a pretty big feat. Brussels making a blip on the radar.

Another Belgian regular in London’s Bass music epicentre is coming from an even less obvious region of our country. Charleroi. ARP101 has released some absolute belters on Eglo records (see also Floating Points and Funkineven) and there’s more to come. The facts that he lives in the UK’s capital and that he made something of a name in a slightly different genre might help but doesn’t make his tracks any less killer.