This kind of slipped passed us but the ever impeccable Minimal Wave records has released a ‘best of’ by Pas De Deux. Most people and certainly those living in Belgium know them by their Eurosong entry “Rendez-Vous” which caused quite a stir when it got sent to that high mass of kitsch. Even though we had sent those other early electronica pioneers Telex a couple of years before that. Our ever insatiable thirst for obscure but beautiful music had made us dive deeper into their oeuvre before and we had already discovered far more interesting gems. Most of them are compiled on this nicely packaged and remastered release. 180g blue vinyl of which there are 999 hand numbered copies available. You need this if you like early 80s alternative / electronic music and have, like us, a soft spot for Belgian music.

And while you’re at it do make sure to dig a little further. Walter Verdin, the main force behind Pas De Deux, has made more remarkable music. Under his own name (‘Er Is Iets’ is even part of the Flemish Kleinkunst canon) and together with theatre heavyweight Josse De Pauw as Specimen & The Rizikoos (‘Storingen’ ) among other things. He left the music scene shortly afterwards to concentrate on video work and art.