The second edition of OUR PARTY at Bronks was once again a big success. Lots of smiling faces, lots of booties shaking on the dance floor and fantastic music galore courtesy of all our DJs and more in particular our special guests Jonathan and Kev Beadle. As always it’s an immense pleasure to welcome someone who not only adds something to the party but is also a mighty fine gentleman and fun guy to hang with. Looking forward to meeting and hearing Kev in a few weeks at Southport Weekender (Patrice Rushen live !!!).

A big up to everyone who enjoyed himself in a civilised manner. We’re very lucky to have, in general, a very up for it and well-mannered crowd. A big thanks to our partners fm brussel, JF (supplier of our trademark lamps) and the Southport Weekender / Suncébeat festival (appreciated all the promo you made for us). We’re also blessed with the dedicated service we get from soundsystem.be. Their love for good sound is infectious. And we love all the help and cooperation we get from Bronks. Working with them is a real pleasure.

Rest us to thank all the volunteers that help us out before, during and after the event. Their selfless help is much appreciated and keeps OUR PARTY feasible in its current form. It’s an event we do simply for the joy of seeing people have a good time on the music we love (which isn’t as obvious as it may seem in our country). We don’t make a buck ourselves, investing all the money we earn in making the next events even better. Meaning on all levels as we’ve been upgrading the behind the scenes part considerably lately (being thoroughly un-Belgian and paying taxes where they are due for example, haha). Might sound a bit hippie but nothing wrong with that in these ultra-liberal times, no ?

Extra special shout goes out to Koen, Hylke and crew for taking care of the cloakroom. Hope you guys earned lots of money for the fight against cancer.

Up to the next one. Which will happen on May 5th at Bronks again. Special guests are Michael Rütten behind the decks and UK Soul legend Omar behind the microphone.