Playlist Radio Show 04/04/2012.

Going from sweet jazzy Soul over Arthur Russell Electro, Philly Soul, Italian Wave to early Carl Craig and that’s only the 5 first songs of the show. Not that it’s a fetish thing to swap genres as drastically and unconventionally as this. It’s just what we like doing. Making connections, sharing less obvious music and, above all else, playing killer music. Expect 80s Flemish Pop, Italo Disco, Prince-related music, some completely wicked late 80s Synth madness from the mind behind Meat Beat Manifesto and, oh yeah, a new House tune too to follow. Yet, we rarely made a more coherent show than this.

On top of that we share knowledge about our upcoming events. This Saturday with Locked Groove at Bazaar and the next OUR PARTY with Michael Rütten and Omar on May 5th.

Listen again to this show through the fm Brussel streaming all week long.

Patrice Rushen – Music Of The Earth – Elektra
Bonzo Goes To Washington – 5 Minutes – Sleeping Bag
Billy Paul – False Faces – Philadelphia International
Musumeci – Harry Batasuna – Mannequin
69 – Sub Seducer – Planet E
Project 86 – Legends – Nu Groove
Petra & Co – Laat Je Gaan (Dub) – Mouse Music
Landlord – I Like It – Bigshot
Hundred20 – Minke Whale Congregation – Dekmantel
Kano – It’s A War – Emergency
The Time – 777-9311 – Warner Bros
Space Children – Let’s Go Disco – Sweatbox